Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Top 5 Podcast Picks

My commute has been transformed by something simple - podcasts! I find that I can deal with traffic much better when I am listening to a podcast interview that is thought-provoking and makes me reevaluate how I'm doing something or helps me focus on what is truly important in my life.

With that in mind, here is a list of my "go-to" podcasts! Download the iTunes Podcast app or Stitcher to get started.

1) Happier with Gretchen Rubin. I became familiar with Gretchen Rubin through reading her book The Happiness Project. Gretchen co-hosts this podcast with her sister Elizabeth Craft, and it is based largely on her research for her newest book Better Than Before, all about habits and what Gretchen calls the Four Tendencies which explains how we deal with internal and external expectations. I love this podcast because it's usually around 25 minutes which is perfect for getting me through most of my commute, and has a reliable rhythm to the show including going through happiness "gold stars" and "demerits" every week.

2) Smart and Simple Matters with Joel Zaslofsky. I came across Joel and his podcast when I began my journey into learning more about minimalism and simple living (see my blog post on my experiences with minimalism). Joel's main mission is to deliver value to his listeners, and he always delivers. I always learn something about how to look at simple living in a new and fresh way. One of his latest podcast episodes is about essentialism and he interviews Greg McKeown about his book of the same name. With Joel, I remember that freedom is needing little and wanting less.

3) The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary. Brooke is known in the simplicity world for her website Slow Your Home, all about how we can live slower, and more fulfilled lives and embrace the freedom to say "no" to over-commitment and being stretched too thin, and say yes to the things that matter most to us. Brooke is a great interviewer and also has hilarious interactions with her husband Ben at the beginning of each show. They don't take themselves too seriously, which is reflected by the fact that their young children once came on the show to tell everyone to "enjoy the pogpast" instead of "podcast" and now that's how they introduce each show.

4) Sounds Like a Movement with CJ Casciotta. CJ Casciotta reminds everyone that "you are a movement" and that everyone has something to say. He interviews a diverse group of creatives and thought leaders, including my favorite interview with Elle Luna, who talks about the crossroads of "should and must" and how she was inspired to live her passion.

5)  The One You Feed with Eric Zimmer. The One You Feed is based upon the parable of the good and bad wolf. It reminds us why what we think creates our reality, and that it's vitally important that we feed our "good wolf." This podcast focuses more on neuroscience and meditation than the other ones on my list, and is a great reminder to me to keep up with my daily meditation ritual!

What are your favorite podcasts? Leave your comment below!