Monday, January 19, 2015

12,544 days lived, at least 17,113 to go...

I've been thinking a lot about time lately. I guess we all think about it quite a lot throughout our day. Our alarms wake us up in the morning. Our phones and computers remind us of how our time is being spent throughout the day. We're a culture of over-schedulers, in our work and personal lives. In my work day, I typically feel harried and distracted. I'm constantly interrupted by my Outlook calendar telling me that I have 15 minutes to be on a conference call or in a meeting. At home, my volunteer commitments make me feel connected to something outside of myself but oftentimes require meetings and phone calls which take up my evening hours.

My church's current sermon series is called 28,000 days, since the average American lives that long- about 76.6 years. The most recent data that came out in October 2014 is slightly more optimistic, and especially for women. I can expect to live a total of 81.2 years. Since I've lived about 12,544 days thus far, I have 17,113 to go! (Although I am so blessed to have a grandmother in her mid-nineties, so I am hoping that number will be improved by good genes!) The number of days we have left can be exciting or depressing depending on how you think about it. When I think about the number of hours I spend sleeping, eating, driving, and working, the remaining time seems even more precious.

I've successfully distracted myself throughout the first part of January 2015 by not taking the time to think- really think- about how I want to spend this time. New Year's Resolutions have never been my favorite thing to do because there's an inevitable anxiety about not being able to "keep up" with your resolution. But this year, instead of worrying about letting myself down, my main resolution is to follow some general guidelines/guideposts and above all, give myself some slack! So here are some of the ways I want to spend the next year and my remaining 17,113 days:

1) Write more.
2) Dance free.
3) Speak up for those who can't (or won't).
4) Shut up when the words I want to say might hurt someone.
5) Reach out to those who need someone, and who may need me.
6) Look up to see the world around me and to marvel in its wonder.
7) Look down to bow my head, pray, and thank God for everything in my life.
8) Practice perfect patience.
9) Open my ears and truly listen.
10) Love myself like I'm worthy and love others with grace.

How do you want to spend the rest of your days?